Naël Kaced: Bridging hearts and histories through music

"With 'Roses' I’m coming to terms with the fact that I’ll always love them, unconditionally. I tear down the walls of my pride and I completely surrender to my lingering feelings"
25 June 2024

French alt-pop/RnB artist Naël Kaced continues to captivate audiences with his latest single, Roses, a poignant ballad released via naïve / JAZZTRONICZ. Lifted from his new EP Last Words, the track delves into themes of heartbreak and healing with an understated yet timeless quality, amplified by Naël’s soul-stirring vocal prowess.

In a deeply personal reflection, Naël shares,  “With ‘Roses’ I’m coming to terms with the fact that I’ll always love them, unconditionally. I tear down the walls of my pride and I completely surrender to my lingering feelings. I wrote and recorded Roses on the final day I had to finish the EP. Maybe I hadn’t cried enough, so I went back to my notes from a year ago, when I was parting ways with someone I thought was the love of my life. Singing lines that I might regret today (I’ll take the cheating and the lies) was my way of being totally honest. I hope Roses connects with those who never stopped loving after saying goodbye.”

Naël Kaced’s journey into music is as inspiring as it is remarkable. Born deaf in one ear and with partial hearing in the other, he navigated the world through lip-reading and later, with the aid of discreet hearing technology. His musical awakening came unexpectedly during a jam night in Paris, where he discovered his voice’s power in front of a live audience. “That night, I realized music was my true calling,” Naël recalls. “Despite my disability, I knew nothing was impossible.”

Photo by Laureen Burton

His path to becoming a recognized artist wasn’t without challenges. Performing on stage presented unique hurdles due to his hearing impairment. “There were times my hearing aids struggled to capture the full spectrum of sounds,” Naël explains. “I had to adapt, learning to synchronize with instrumental ensembles instinctively.” Over time, advancements in technology and support from specialists enabled him to refine his musical craft further.

Naël Kaced’s debut EP, Last Words, showcases his collaborative spirit with producer nu_tone. Together, they’ve crafted a musical landscape where soul and RnB blend seamlessly into pop and hip-hop influences. “I compose with my voice as the foundation,” Naël shares. “Each lyric is an invitation to explore themes of faith and mythology, guiding listeners on an intimate journey.”

Beyond his musical endeavors, Naël Kaced embodies a narrative akin to a hero emerging from the pages of a compelling story. From the vibrant Parisian jam scene to prestigious venues like the Grand Rex and Philharmonie de Paris, his journey reflects a blend of magic and determination. As he continues to evolve artistically, Naël Kaced promises to enrich the music industry with his distinctive voice and heartfelt storytelling.

With Roses and his debut EP, Naël Kaced invites listeners to join him on a profound musical odyssey—one that transcends barriers and celebrates the power of resilience and authenticity in artistry.