Swedish/Iranian intriguing artist/singer Nadya, reveals ‘Superstars’, a song she has written to celebrate legendary Iranian performer Googoosh’s 65th birthday. The spellbinding track features rich orchestral samples from Googoosh’s song ‘Kavir’

Nadya says: “Happy birthday dear Googoosh! I dedicate this to you, the greatness of your artistry, all the struggles that you’ve bared, and the timeless music you created. Your voice is the voice of a generation lost, the face of a culture that no longer is ours, and the soundtrack of a time that we carry in our broken hearts. It goes through time and over boarders. Icon, legend, superstar.”

In case you missed it, check out her 2014’s debut track ‘Refugee’

Currently working on her debut album, Nadya promises to deliver a seamless blend of pop, punk and hip-hop…“It’s very diverse. I’m not afraid of the songs sounding different as long as they all sound like me.”

On her desire to discover the opportunities that can be found in Los Angeles or New York, she reveals: “I’ve always felt restless wherever I’ve been…And it’s always good to experience something different.”