Nadirah X’s Top 5 Influences

"Grace, Queen...enough said!!"
23 March 2022
Nadirah X

By Vee Dee

Nadirah Sabreen Seid, AKA Nadirah X, drops the latest video for her powerful acoustic-infused track ‘Nobody’s Coming’ featuring Olaf Blackwood. The compelling Jamaican-born poet and rapper has also kindly shared with us a brief intro to her top five musical influences.

Nadirah X’s Top 5 Influences

Grace Jones – Pull Up To The Bumper

Grace, Queen…enough said!!

Peter Tosh – Pick Myself Up 

Peter Tosh’s music has always moved the core of me, even as a child, there is something very raw, and spiritual that connects to the soul.

Tanya Stephens – These Streets

Tanya has to be one of Jamaica’s dopest artists/writers, her wordplay and intelligence in her writing is incredible, on any topic. Respect.

Missy Elliot – Sock It To Me

Missy is always innovative, has unique flows and fun. Trailblazer for sure.

Tracy Chapman – For You

This entire debut album is incredible, hard to pick a favorite. For You is so beautiful. I love how the lyrics are both simple and powerful. Moving poetry as always.

Photo by @theartistcaps