NADEAH & BEKI QuickFire Questions

Stylish Paris based duo Nadeah & Beki present this lush electro-tinged visual for electro-pop
gem Kombucha. Lifted from debut EP Dream Bitches due 6th March via Kwaidan Records

What was the first album you bought?

Beki: A tape cassette of Jacqueline du Pre playing Elgar – I listened to it every night before bed. I naturally then progressed onto Kylie Minogue, The Locomotion.

Nadeah: The Bangles, Different Light album. It is a proud first purchase – I would love to do a cover of Walk Like An Egyptian!  I have to admit that my second record purchase was also Kylie Minogue, The Locomotion.

Who are some of your biggest musical inspirations and why?

Missy Elliot: her groove, her production, her lyrics, the fun tongue in cheek humour.Billie Eilish: we love the minimalism, vocal deliveries and performances.Prince: the groove, the playfulness, the sexy AF lyrics as well as the emotionLou Reed and the Velvet Underground just because he’s always been a punk, lyrically, musically. Plus there’s humour in his lyric. We need humour.Bob Dylan: Lyrically, especially his break up lines – they are just brilliant.Leonard Cohen: Because he wrote the best song that has ever been written, Hallelujah and because pretty much every verse he pens is a poem unto itselfThom Yorke, Radiohead: He pushes boundaries with each album, the lyrics are beautiful, the music has a mathematical quality, it’s almost classical in places.  The slits: Powerful punk women, lyrically brilliant, irreverent music, Ari’s incredible voice.

What are some non-musical inspirations that motivate your music?

A pathological need to entertain other human beings and connect with them. The idea of building a unique universe, birthing art and just having a good time. 

Tell us about your new single for ’Kombucha’?

Kombucha, is an observation on consumerism as a social construct. The video is a critique of identity and female stereotypes while simultaneously being a duo-portrait – a nostalgic throwback, embracing characters, reviving our “girl band” fantasies.  It’s a reminder to take ourselves, as well as all the current fads and phobias we subscribe to, far less seriously. In human terms, we wanted to write a song about hype and the compounding of hype.

What can we expect from you in 2020?

We have 3 shows in Paris: 26 fev @ The 1999 , 4 Mars @ Silencio, 5 Mars @ NoPi, Pigalle…We’re doing a support tour of the UK in Autumn with Nouvelle Vague. We’re currently making some videos and then we’ll release an album later in the year. While we’re on tour we’ll invent a bunch of surreal apps that no one will work out how to use, however, instructions will be hidden in the lyric book of our 2nd album which we will be releasing exclusively on Blu-Ray.