Myrillion and Leoné Murphy release hypnotic single ‘La Petite Mort’

"To feel like a fever dream - a bit like that initial madness you go through when falling in love"
4 March 2024

Teasing upcoming EP with a love-infused sound

Dubai-based producer Myrillion joins forces with South African singer-songwriter Leoné Murphy to unveil their enthralling new single La Petite Mort, setting the stage for their eagerly awaited EP. This song merges Myrillion’s elaborate, textured production work with Murphy’s mesmerizing vocal performance.

Inspired by the intoxicating initial phases of love, La Petite Mort (‘The Little Death’) delivers a captivating musical story that immerses listeners in the profound depths of passion and yearning. The blend of Myrillion’s warm, analog-inspired beats and grandiose string compositions with Murphy’s exceptional vocal delivery creates a mesmerizing sound experience that captures the fierce, fleeting excitement of budding romance.

Photo by Stephen Godenzie

Myrillion reflects on the creation of the track: “We wanted ‘La Petite Mort’ to sort of wash over you again and again. To feel like a fever dream – a bit like that initial madness you go through when falling in love. The strings and cinematic elements definitely bring some romance but the bass and deep groove try and evoke that intensity, and at times the instability”.

Truly, the stark contrast between the deep, resonating sub-sonic 808s and gritty tape beats, against the backdrop of soaring, otherworldly strings and synthesizers, perfectly illustrates the blend of intense joy and fragility.

Drawing inspiration from the atmospheric vibes of trip-hop and downtempo legends such as Portishead, Air, and Zero 7, while also acknowledging modern trailblazers like Bonobo and Galimatias, Myrillion’s style pays homage to the genre’s roots while exploring new territories. Murphy’s sincere vocals add a profound dimension and charm to the piece, elevating its enchanting, immersive essence.

With La Petite Mort serving as a gateway to their forthcoming EP, Myrillion and Leoné Murphy ​i​nvite audiences into a world of lush, vivid soundscapes and captivating narratives.