Birds Eye’s Active Lifestyle Expert Myleene Klass says: “I’m a busy mum (my 3-year old daughter keeps me on my toes), but I know it’s hard to motivate everyone in the family to have an active lifestyle.So I’ve got some great ideas for you, designed to get everyone moving.”

Tell us about your immediate family /partner/no. of kids/pets?
I have one partner, Gray (Graham) and a daughter, Ava.

My pets were tropical fish but we recently moved so had to give them away! Very sad day indeed for Gray!
Tell us a fun fact about your family the wackier the better…
My own wacky fact is that I have hyper extended arms and joints so can play the piano backwards!

As for my family, we’re like all families…nuts in our own way but the same as everyone else!

Every member of my family can play a minimum of one musical instrument (bar Gray but he sings!) so we are a bit like a travelling band!
What is your family’s favourite way of keeping active?
All my family keep active in their own way.

My Dad is a retired Navy/merchant navy Captain and diver and even though he’s retired he still loves to keep busy and is now a plumber (says he cant bear to be far from water!) interestingly enough we call him Captain Birdseye as he has a big beard and was a captain!

Mum chases after all of us and does her own exercises she’s in her 60s but I swear looks like she’s in her 40s!

My brother is a martial artist and personal trainer and my sister dances and scuba dives like me!

Gray boxes and loves the gym and Ava runs around at 100mph from morning till tea time!

What is your family’s favourite Birds Eye product or recipe?
Fish fingers, potato waffles, peas, and crispy coated chicken… My personal fav!