Check out NY-based multi-talented artist Mykki Blanco’s incredible video for ‘Wavvy’, directed by Franceso Carrozzini.
‘Wavvy’ is a song for the international party people. “We make love to the night, in the back of the club yeah we feeling alright”, is a universal manifesto delivered over the sonic digital bells, heavy bass and synth brought to you by super producer on the rise Brenmar. “I’m the Motherf*cking Rookie Of the Year” says Blanco confidently before breaking full speed into lyrical warrior mode.

‘Wavvy’ serves as Mykki’s message to the world about how seriously he/she takes the role of entertainer and how hard he/she works to prove it to anyone who questions his/her talents, “I came into this game to show the world my creative vision and let my freak flag fly”, Blanco says.

“I just so happen to be a ferocious rapper, I would have never said ‘Blanco is the Truth’ if I didn’t mean it.”
1 – CEO Gallery, Malmo
5 – CTM Festival, Berlin
6 – ZDB, Lisbon
7 – Lucky PDF, London
8 – Cream Cake, Berlin