Muthoni The Drummer Queen1Nairobi’s urban scene powerhouse Muthoni The Drummer Queen, presents her stalwart future-retro pearl, titled ‘Make It Right’ feat. The Rambling Wheels (produced by GR! & Hook), and she comments on the power of serendipity and great music collaboration between Africans and Europeans…

So Make it Right is the song that really shouldn’t be…

I think so! But here it is, so we are making it right!!!

Why do you think it keeps on living on in the world, and getting all this attention?

Someone said to me today “Make it Right has such a timeless feeling about it, as if it was always around”. I like this idea. I think I will keep it! Whatever the reason, I’m glad it makes people feel good, that’s a really good thing.

What are you gonna do if it really blows up?

We have to wait and, see won’t we? A lot of really great artists have their big break on a song they really don’t consider their most loved work.

Do you believe in the power of serendipity?

Absolutely.Muthoni The Drummer Queen2On that note tell me about how you met these sugar addicts who are responsible for this thick production?

We were introduced to each other by our mutual friend, DJ Cortega, who grew up with GR!. Cortega was working and living in Nairobi for a few years, some time ago.

With the Internet it seems that music is shuttling back and forth between Africa and Europe, but is there enough collaborating going on?

That’s a really good question. Just this year, a guy I know in Nairobi made a track and put it on soundcloud. The next thing, Willow Smith was on it. I know, Willow is American and not European, but it makes your point of the internet allowing music to shuttle between the continents. Is there enough collaboration? What is the measure? What constitutes enough? I do know some really great music happening between Africans and Europeans: ASA, Nneka, MDQ etc.

So what’s the scene like in Nairobi? Not only regarding music, but fashion and art as well. Who should we be watching out for?

You know, you should really check out Blinky Bill, a Producer, DJ and a Performer. He is awesome. And that is my answer to the question about the music scene. There is a great Fashion collective called 2manySiblings, who are mixing art and fashion. My most favorite street wear brand in the world right now is coming form Nairobi and it’s called, BongoSawa ( My most favorite visual artist, Bazil Ngode (@bazonomics on IG) is blowing my mind daily. Check these out and see for yourselves that Nairobi is super dope. For anyone here who is really working to authentically express themselves, they’re getting heard.

And what’s on the horizon for the Queen? Do you think we’ll get to see you live any time soon?

We are currently working on a project with GR! and HOOK. Hopefully, we’ll get to about 12 tracks of music. To present it, we started scripting a movie-album based on the characters in the songs, a little bit in the vein of ‘My Dark Twisted Fantasy’ by Kanye West, or ‘Odyssey’ by Florence and the Machine. I am super excited to be learning how to make a movie using our music, and I can’t wait to make this a trans-media project.