By Stephen Murray
Black Tide – Light From Above (album)
Released February 11

Black Tide are from Miami – and are a heavy metal/thrash metal with a difference. They are also a bunch of kids between 14-19.

If you love Metallica (which they seem to), Slayer or infact most of the 1980’s rock bands – these are the boys for you.

The reason I know so much about this sort of music is because of my brother…..He constantly played his tapes (not CD’s) to death! Normally at full blast for years when he was around the same age as these lads – explaining the influences in this type of music.

Ah well, thanks to my brother, I’ve become a huge Metallica fan – although he doesn’t know that.

And with that in mind I think as these boys mature and they get more experienced with their instruments they’ll definitely make their mark in rock.