5 Tips For Music Inspired Home Decor

Showing off your passion in your decor is a great way to create a home that you love, and that showcases your personality and interests. Music and art go hand in hand as expressions of our most profound thoughts and emotions. Incorporating this into our living spaces can have the power to create a mentally uplifting space through positive memories and thoughts associated with treasured musical instruments or other musical elements as decor.  Whether you’re renovating or have bought a new home, try some of these ideas to bring your love of music into your home. 

You can ask architects to build you a music room, or use these touches of music inspired decor throughout your entire home to create a space that really sings to your soul. 

  1. Give instruments a second life as furniture and accessories

If you’re somewhat handy and have some old musical instruments lying around that you know you won’t use again, then you could easily upcycle them into unique furniture and accessories. Drums could be turned into lamps, tables, or a wall-mounted shelf. Guitar parts can be turned into shelves or unique lamps, while a cymbal added to a bulb on a hanging cord can make for a very cool pendant lampshade. 

  1. Style notes 

Musical note shapes are a popular choice for decor inspired by music, and they can look very modern. You can subtly incorporate note-shaped accessories like lamps, shelves, hooks, or candle holders to show your love for music, without making the room feel too themed. Vintage sheet music can be very beautiful when used to paper the back of an alcove or a shelving unit. You could also use it to decoupage an end table or beautifully frame the sheet music of your favourite song (this could make a great DIY gift for a music lover too). For a bold and dramatic feature wall, use sheet music in lieu of wallpaper.

  1. Flaunt your vinyl collection

Why keep your beloved vinyl collection hidden away when you can use it in your decor? Choose your favourite album artwork and display it either in frames designed for vinyl, or leaning against the wall on narrow shelves. If you have old records you would throw out, you can instead repurpose the records in a myriad of ways. Melt them into striking bowls or wine bottle holders mounted to the wall. Use them as a stool or a tabletop surface, or purchase a clock kit to create your own upcycled vinyl record clock. 

  1. Use your instruments!

If you’re a musician, you probably already own lots of beautiful instruments. These can steal the show when used in your decor too. Fit hooks or shelving so you can mount your most beautiful pieces on the wall – guitars and similar instruments are especially suited to this. They can be easily lifted down when you want to use them, and when you aren’t, you can still enjoy looking at them. Just keep them away from high traffic areas where they could accidentally be knocked down. When it comes to more valuable or delicate instruments, you might like to display them in shadow boxes.

  1. Choose music-inspired art.

When choosing the artwork you’re going to hang around your home, choose pieces inspired by music. This could be framed album art or tour posters, or it could be art made from favourite song lyrics. You could buy prints of photos taken at gigs or festivals, or print out and frame the best of your own pictures from musical events that you’ve been to. If you have any awards or signed album covers that are precious to you you will probably want to display these as well. Consider wall-mounted picture lights or spotlights to best showcase these and keep any precious artwork away from natural light which can make it fade over time. 

Music inspired decor can be effortlessly cool, and fit in with lots of design styles, whether you like things classic or modern. Show off your passions and your talents by using music all around your home. Your home will be unique and have lots of interesting conversation starters for whenever you have people come over. While you’re planning your decor don’t forget to make room for a great sound system, so you can listen to your music at the highest possible quality as well as use it for decorating inspiration.