"It’s from the deep depths of the darkness that probably lives in everyone."
6th October 2021

By Vasco Dega

Scottish songwriter and performer Murdo Mitchell has showcased his talent throughout his early tenure, with a glorious songwriting approach and a hard-working attitude to live performance. His new single Faded, showcases an artist with a pure and raw talent for songwriting – there are elements of indie-folk as well as pop, with an electronic element to the chorus.

A songwriter and performer from the start, Murdo’s journey into music seemed inevitable from a young age. His journey started with busking, from age 11, which is a testament to his clear-eyed and singular focus. He conquered the nerves and plunged into the center of Glasgow to spark his musical journey. Formal education holding little appeal for the rising songwriter, he pursued a journey into live music and soon found himself performing at T-In-The Park, Belladrum, Linlithgow Folk Festival, and the Edinburgh Fringe

“The meaning behind ‘Faded’ is quite dreary – revealsMurdo – It’s from the deep depths of the darkness that probably lives in everyone. When you spend a lot of time with your own mind everything starts to come up out the woodwork, things from the past that you’ve done wrong, things that of others who have done you wrong and it can bring with it a sort of sinister revenge type of feeling – wanting to get back at life for the fact that you are living. It’s the recurring thoughts that can drive someone to do something stupid. You’ve got the devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other, this song is channeled from the observations made by the ‘Shoulder Devil’s’ viewpoint of human hardship.”

Photo by Sion Roe


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