Murder mystery dinner, Intergenerational Fun and Rebel Bingo…what do they all have in common? Well…The answer is “Everybody loves Bingo”.

Intergenerational Fun

We all know that people who usually meet for a trivial and enjoyable activity, like Bingo, achieve better communication, closer friendships, and increase self-confidence.
www.glenviewlantern.com1Especially Bingo calling is also an effective method used for young adults to seniors to encourage participation, articulation, language skills, and fluency.

In many communities Junior and Senior Bingo aficionados meet to enjoy the game, in a Bingo Buddies-Intergenerational Fun program putting away their video games and leaving behind their TVs.

Kids have the chance to learn the classic game from some of the community’s experienced players, while communicating with a generation; they seldom get a chance to spend time with.

Rebel Bingo Rebel-Bingo1 if You’re A Rebel, and don’t fancy spending your precious free time into your granny’s Bingo Halls, Rebel Bingo London, is the special place where you get banging music, flashing lights and the stimulating excitement of the game.
rebel bingoo titanet
Here’re some fashion tips…Wear fishnets, anything black, bright or shiny, makeup in the way that you want to do it, break the rules, look and feel glam and you will feel you are at the right place.

There is a basic fashion recommendation though…go easy on the thongs.

If you can’t get Rebel Bingo tickets, you can always bring your granny to an online bingo party. Where you can still dress to impress and finally wear those pairs of had-to-buy-them high heels (stilettos, or wedges), we are talking “the less comfortable the shoes, the better”, because you’ll be sitting most of the night anyway, it doesn’t really matter if your feet bleed.

Murder mystery dinner

The game of Bingo is so popular that a cast of characters in a Community Theatre murder mystery dinner, hoped guests of their game of bingo, could help solve a murder…

How? Director Laura Lloyd’s “B-I-N-G-O Spells Murder” tells the story of Father Patrick O`Sullivan and faithful parishioners of a fictional congregation trying to raise money, with a game of Bingo, to save the orphanage when Church Secretary Judy Tremont is found strangled by the chain of her own glasses, stabbed in the back and all the money from the evening’s fun stolen…
Father O`Sullivan tries to investigate through a list of suspects – such as Greg and Jennifer – a financially-strapped engaged couple who hope to get married next month -, Bunny DeVaine and Claude Chandum – a pair of developers hoping to make the church hall into condominiums – or mobster Joey Verricione – working for Mob Boss Don Knots who bought out the mortgage from the bank….During the interrogation, ‘Greg’ admits to having a letter opener in his pocket, and is even found with the secretary’s glasses chain. “No one knows what I did with it…That’s the mystery.”

Director Laura Lloyd decided to include the classic game because “Everybody loves Bingo,” she thought this was so funny to add a game of Bingo into the script.