Mt. Doubt’s EP ‘The Loneliness of The TV Watchers’ | Catchy indie-pop beats and dark undertones

Mt. Doubt aka Leo Bargery has been a strong contender within the Scottish music scene for a while now. Having received regular local support from the likes of The Skinny, The Scotsman and The List to name but a few, his latest EP ‘The Loneliness of The TV Watchers’ could just be that extra push to introduce him to the rest of the UK and beyond.

Opening with the instantly catchy, feel-good indie anthem ‘A Natural Swimmer’, Leo’s signature baritone vocal immediately sets the tone for the rest of the EP. Despite its dark themes, the upbeat musicianship and energy turns this track into a toe-tapping hit.

Following on is the contrasting ‘Purity’, which takes a slower pace. Bargery’s vocal gets the attention it deserves here and the comparisons to The National are undeniable, but in a very good way.

Next up we get sucked into the world of reverb with the dark pop track and previous single ‘Reference Books’. It feels almost grunge at times, like we’ve been transported back to the 90s. As ever, Leo’s vocal continues to be showcased effortlessly through is distinctive deep brawl.

As we come towards the end of this wonderfully mixed bag of an EP, ‘Soft Furnishings’ takes the pace back down once again. Its a stunningly intricate track from the first note, led simply with the piano and Leo’s unique vocal. The meaning behind the track feels extremely poignant as well, reminding you to avoid temptation and not get too comfortable.

Last but certainly not least is the brilliant previous single ‘Tourists’. Its a powerful track with intriguing layers about Bargery’s fear of flying and dislike for holidays. Like how the EP started, we are re-introduced to Mt. Doubt’s more humorous side, filled with catchy indie-pop beats and dark undertones, creating the perfect finale for this multicoloured EP.

‘The Loneliness of The TV Watchers’ is out now via Scottish Fiction.