By JJ Disco

Copenhagen-based DIY R&B-pop artist, mp.oxford, shines with his debut EP, external heartdrive, a precious collection of summer-zen tunes. EP’s standout track places “is a physical and mental escape from the places, and the memories that follow, where you’ve spent most of your time together with that person you thought was the love of your life…There are places where memories of good times make you not want to go there anymore.”

He reveals: “That is, in all its simplicity, what ’places’ is about. It is about losing the one you thought was the love of your life and how to deal with it. It happened to me, but it is in no way a special feeling. I think it is one of the most common sides in the aftermath of heartbreak. And it is the constant reminding of the other person’s existence when you visit these places that make it so difficult to get over the person and move on.

That feeling is extremely frustrating, because it plants a doubt in your mind, asking you if you really want to move on.

On external heartdrive: “It’s about losing the love of your life – at least that’s what I thought when I lost her. It’s my interpretation of what happened – of what I went through, and how to process it. It’s my attempt to put my feelings into words and music. It is very special to me – even though it’s a very relatable situation. It’s something most people have experienced on their own bodies.

Every idea and song wes created in the heat of the moment – in the powerless moment of devastating heartbreak. Each song represents different states and emotions of this process. Creating this EP has actually helped me move on and has been an outlet for all of these emotions. Hopefully, it can do the same for other people.

It’s a collection of songs that you can pull out and be reminded of – like listening to a past life. Going through a once difficult period in your life. That’s why it’s named external heartdrive, so it doesn’t require any room as there is no longer room to give. However, it is never lost – merely put to the side for now, as a memory of something that used to be.”