MOYKA Continues To Astound With New Single VIOLET

As we eagerly await Moyka’s forthcoming second EP Spaces, due for release later this year, the Norwegian pop star keeps us on our toes, teasing us with a brand new single, Violet.

A pounding yet rich electronic soundscape, Violet details the final feeling of acceptance one feels when moving on from a past love. It concludes the story outlined in Moyka’s previous two releases Spaces, and Backwards, which both danced around the feelings and fears of not being able to move on.

Given the song’s theme, you feel the same sense of relief Moyka must experience when the track arrives at it’s incredible, soaring chorus. As Moyka’s Stevie Nicks-echoing vocals reach the line “this is not who we thought we would be” you can’t help but feel drawn to join in, all the pent up tension built in the song’s verses is euphorically released. “It’s just emotion,” Moyka reflects. “And it’s okay to still have good feelings about someone – good energy and emotion.”

In 2019 Monika Engeseth emerged as an original artist, strong-minded and with deep songs on her debut EP Circles. The 23 year-old’s robust, synth-driven pop was full of strong but abstract feeling: co-written and co-produced with Eirik Hella, her songs plumbed the depths of the young adult mind without sentimentality. She explored what it’s like to be at a difficult age with an underlying sense of steely self-confidence. “I wanted to create a mystical universe,” she said, “where people could feel at home.” 

Violet is an exuberant electro-pop anthem truly showing Moyka working at her best, the as yet unannounced release date of the full EP cannot come soon enough.