Moxxy Jones delve into the depths of love and loss with their latest single ‘Letting Go of You’

"This is a big modern rock song with lyrics that highlight the power of letting someone go"
20th October 2023

In a domain where music challenges conventions and genre boundaries, Moxxy Jones showcases their diverse and expansive musical universe. Their eighth single, Letting Go of You, stands tall as a potent anthem of liberation. Drawn from their ​d​ebut album, Unnoticed, this track serves as evidence of the San Francisco duo’s audacious creative journey and their dedication to expanding the horizons of sonic exploration.

Letting Go of You is a sonic rollercoaster, an energetic and hard-hitting pop-rock tune that echoes the influences of U2, The 1975, and 1980s Brit Pop. Thematically aligned with the exploration of love and loss present in Unnoticed, this track stands out by radiating strength—the power that emerges from ending something that no longer serves.

Originating as a ballad adorned with straightforward piano chords, the song underwent a metamorphosis into a lively and compelling rock-pop anthem, courtesy of the creative synergy between Frank and Milan. The outcome is a vibrant and captivating rock-pop composition, enriched with guitars, drums, and bass, each playing equally pivotal roles harmoniously with the soaring vocals.

“This is a big modern rock song with lyrics that highlight the power of letting someone go. But behind all of that, there are still pretty harmonies that contrast with the aggressiveness of the music. And some of the harmonies almost have a surprising country-music sensibility” Frank explains.

Frank and Milan’s collaboration on the track involved navigating a shift from a slight sadness to a place of empowerment. The songwriting evolved to match the new rock feel, with harmonies that juxtapose aggression with surprising country-music sensibilities. The production team, including producer Starita, stretched Moxxy Jones to new creative heights, expanding their sound while maintaining their distinctive style.

In the studio, producer Starita (Madame Gandhi, A Tribe Called Quest, Childish Gambino) reveals: “My approach with this team is to ensure that we are all pushing as hard as possible to make the song the best it can be. It’s always a game of making sure everyone is heard and all ideas are explored, while not being afraid to ruthlessly cut anything that doesn’t make the song better. This track exemplifies an evolution in sound for Moxxy Jones and myself as a production team.

You can hear immediately in the opening of the song that there is a strong industrial influence that both Milan and myself resonate with from our love of 90s industrial bands . It’s a pleasure to work with them because we always end up with something sonically broader than we had imagined after we lay down the vocals. The vocalist and I have worked on a great deal of songs together so I knew that we would come out with something stellar. And I was excited to implement a solid vocal production because of how powerful the melody and delivery is.”

Letting Go of You is a creative coup that exemplifies Moxxy Jones‘ ability to balance contrast and harmony. The song is not just a breakup anthem; it’s a powerful journey from ending to liberation. The band hopes that listeners recognize the difficulty and liberation inherent in ending a relationship.

Moxxy Jones, comprising keyboard and bass player Frank and guitarist Milan, is defined by a relentless creative process that defies ego, genres, and the traditional boundaries of the music business. ​The album Unnoticed is a manifestation of their signature style—an untraditional, unexpected yet familiar sound. It is modern, energetic, and dark, with a boundless sonic range that combines classical elements, catchy melodies, driven beats, juxtaposed lyrics, and layered harmonic underpinnings.

 Letting Go of You is a celebration of Moxxy Jones‘ musical journey—an exploration of pure, authentic voices, absent of expectations and guarded by the removal of industry norms.

Photos by MOYAfotografx and Dan Ostergren

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