Moxxy Jones’ ‘Change My Mind’ looks at love and loss

"This song played around with the concept of pretty and ugly"
23 March 2023

Change My Mind by Moxxy Jones combines modern rock, synth-pop and industrial rock for a cool and seductive sound. Milan rocking the guitar and Frank slaying the keys – that’s the San Francisco/Portland twosome.

Isabelle, the talented singer-songwriter who’s been seen on American Idol and Off-Broadway shows, is singing her heart out in this track. Her song Unlabeled shot her to fame as it went viral on the web. That song has already racked up nearly 5 million views and it’s all about body positivity.

Moxxy Jones and Isabelle hope their song Change My Mind will help people feel confident no matter where they are in the breakup process. Milan wants it to be, “…just one additional piece in getting them where they need to be.” Isabelle, who designed her career around empowering women, agrees. “It is really a song about complete surrender and finally closing a chapter.”

Sometimes relationships don’t work out,” says Milan. “You need to have the strength to move on and know that it’s the right move.” This song encapsulates how it feels to go through a huge emotional rollercoaster in a short amount of time. Lyrics and instruments follow the intensity of such experience. Fellow band member Frank comments, “This song played around with the concept of pretty and ugly, harmony and dissonance, and ultimately love and loss.”

“On the one end it became a song with a memorable hook, and on the other, it started to tell the story of knowing a relationship is over and coming to a place of acceptance,” Frank says. “Isabelle’s dynamic vocal range really brought out those themes.”

Speaking about Changing My Mind, Milan adds: “Chordal patterns are very much R&B but the synths and percussion sounds are coming from early to mid-90s industrial music. The guitars are all pulling from early 90s guitar sounds where things are either raw or a bit digitally processed.” 

Moxxy Jones shine with their unique takes on classic genres; they have an intriguing combination of contrasting elements, creating something new, but with a sense of comfort. It’s upbeat, yet at the same time it takes you to a dark place.

The duo has a really close partnership with Starita, a GRAMMY-award winning producer. He put a lot of effort into emphasizing the two’s “rough” and “raw” sound, which perfectly fitted the honest and genuine tone of their lyrics.

Change My Mind’ is lifted from their debut rock-synth-pop album, Unnoticed (available in Dolby Atmos)

Moxxy Jones’ photos by MOYAfotografx and Dan Ostergren

Isabelle’s photo by Lacey Wood