Moxiie unveils ‘Don’t See You’ video

New York-based, excitingly talented and stunning Haitian alt-pop singer/songwriter, Moxiie, unveils the fittingly stylish visuals by Melissa Espinosa (creative direction by Moxiie), for darkly alluring pearl called ‘Don’t See You’, which is taken from her forthcoming EP ‘Words For Feelings’.

Moxiie explains…”‘Don’t See You'” is about me getting super real with myself about the times I ignored my intuition & it got me into trouble. I ended up in weird situations, around bad vibes. I experienced a lot of disappointment and betrayal.”

She adds: “With the visual I wanted to capture this feeling I think of as “connected disconnect”, & different phases of relationships. Throughout the entire thing, there’s a constant sense that no one is really together. That sense of “I” is ever present. I started with Steven Meisel’s work on the CK One campaign for inspiration, then I was going through Avedon’s portaits of The Factory & his portaits of mental hospital patients. Then I was lost in Irving Penn’s portaits of artists, and couples.

I really found the common theme for me was not only beauty in simplicity but everyone felt lonely to me in spite of being part of this amazing production. That resonated with me, and made sense with the song.”

“‘Words For Feelings'” is this EP – she reveals – that goes deeper into my perspective and exposes some of my most private thoughts. It was important for me to start learning to give more of my truth going into this next chapter and try not to worry about it not fitting any mold or if anyone will “get it”.