Mountain Bird Returns With New Song QUIT

Mountain Bird has returned with his first new song of 2019, the brooding electronica of Quit

Known for his mesmerising, synth-laden melodies and sleek future-bass styled beats – Quit is a song about self-sufficiency and taking responsibility for your life and success.

“I wrote this when I had moved to Berlin alone to write new songs, and I was really hesitant about all the drastic choices I had made by this time in my life. I’d never lived outside of Sweden before” – explains Adam – “I spent a lot of time alone, and I needed a comforting voice, so I decided to create one for myself with a song My experience so far has shown me that as long as I don’t quit, and keep pushing, things will turn out how I want them to; action breeds consequence, not the opposite. There are so many people out there that want everything, right now – but great things take time…as long as I don’t quit.

Details of new EP will be announced soon!