By Elliot Willcocks

Swedish singer-songwriter Mountain Bird returns with an electric drum and bass fusion to tackle the present-day issues of social media, mental health, and a society that doesn’t sleep on the new song Modern Man.

The fast-paced drums mixed with sonic, synthetic dance beats lay the groundwork for an uplifting electronic track, but is instead used to contrast against Mountain Bird’s more prescient and scathing lyrics on topics like societal injustice and greed.

“It’s not a hate song to capitalism or growth, it’s more of an acknowledgement that we need to stay informed and humble in order to prevent the greediness of human beings taking over.” explains Mountain Bird, “People with power need to share. People with anger need to listen. If we can get this conversation to flow on a regular basis, we can all see money and material privilege as something that we have created for ourselves…a piece of paper shouldn’t decide if you get help when you’re sick or not.”

This new song, much like his January EP release, DearBrainLetMeSleep, has seen Mountain Bird transform from a talented music producer recording instrumentals and using guest vocals, towards now taking the spotlight himself, using his own voice to push his music forward.

“We can dance ourselves to change instead of fighting” says Mountain Bird, who uses the resonant electro drum and bass format to mesh with his biting critiques on lyrics such as “What does the modern man have to do to teach himself some manners”. Modern Man clearly has teeth to bare and is fierce with its message, at a time when it is most needed.