MOUNTAIN BIRD Confronts The Internet With New EP

By Moni Bell

Swedish singer-songwriter Mountain Bird’s long-awaited EP Once We Were Present has been released, featuring the brand-new single Something Wrong With My Mind, a track that combines dancing pop electronica with introspection into the effects of the internet age.

With wonderful layers upon layers of instrumentation, the new single utilises waves of synth pads, harmonizing vocals and Mountain Birds signature deep songwriting that is present throughout the EP’s ambitious themes and heavy topics. Building up to the songs tragic title, the songwriter and producer doesn’t shy away from mental health, as the single focuses on trying to disconnect from the always online world.

“So many people have this abusive relationship with social media, which takes over their lives just like a regular drug addiction does,” Explains Mountain Bird, who capitalized on this opportunity in the song’s music video, playing with the idea of deactivating from social media websites that want to keep your attention. “With this new EP, I wanted to question whether it currently has too big of a grip over our lives. I hope these songs show people that the internet is a tool we must respect and that we shouldn’t be embracing at the expense of enjoying our youth.”

The singles powerful lyrics are present all throughout the album, which is to be expected from the singer and producer’s combination of electro-pop dance tracks and songwriting style that he hopes can act as a sort of modern day “musical group therapy”. 

Having experimented with techniques since his teenage years, Mountain Bird continues to inject passion and emotion into his songs, and Something Wrong With My Mind is no different, capturing the amount of care the artist has in the tender sincerity that the EP has towards the subject.


Photo by Erik Oegnelooh