MOUNTAIN BIRD Calls For Change In Latest Single IT WON’T BE EASY

By Frank Bell

Kicking off 2021 with a momentous start, Mountain Bird (aka Adam Öhman) has released his brand new single It Won’t Be Easy, accompanied by a stunning new music video – the song is the latest to be taken from his forthcoming EP.

A song calling for change, It Won’t Be Easy tackles the themes of the new EP head on; our relationship with technology and how it impacts our mental health. The song asks how humanity will be able to improve its relationship with technology, and curb the negative impact it has on our mental health. This call to action is encapsulated in It Won’t Be Easy’s expansive arrangement of synth pads, stadium ready drums, and ethereal vocals, delivering a huge, momentous, atmosphere.

The single’s dramatic and beautifully shot new music video, directed by Erik Ögnelooh, provides a stark physical representation of the control technology, and the digital white noise of social media, has over us in modern day society. 

Talking about the video, the director Erik said: “We wanted to continue to build upon the theme of the EP. Adam is feeling misplaced and stressed. He’s fled the city as an attempt to cut ties with social media and society; but he’s feeling divided and can’t make up his mind. He still needs it and he still is dependent on it to function and organise his life but at the same time he desperately wants to get away from it as it masks his true self. This kind of limbo and dilemma is one of the biggest issues and compromises we have to make as individuals today with technology constantly being served in front of our faces.”

Mountain Bird’s new EP is expected to follow in Spring.