MOTHER MOTHER Share Heart-Warming Video For I GOT LOVE

By Vasco Dega

Canadian natives Mother Mother have revealed a heart-warming video for their brand new single I Got Love’. Comprised of clips of nearly 4000 fan-submitted clips, the video highlights the emotional importance of loving yourself that’s embedded within the song, rocketing that aura skywards in its closing, moving moments.

The release of I Got Love was accompanied by the announcement of Inside, their eighth studio album and first for Parlophone Records. Set for release on June 25th, Inside takes its inspiration from self-reflection, something band frontman and songwriter Ryan Guldemond was forced to do in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Discussing the creation of the record, Guldemond said, “The world stopped, and all of a sudden I had a lot more alone time on my hands, which isn’t necessarily conducive to songwriting. Usually, I like to venture out and find guidance from an external, interactive narrative – traveling, people, serendipities etc. I love that process – it’s almost like you’re in collaboration with the world. But since that wasn’t an option, I set about a different kind of travel, one more inward and personal, exploring different types of therapies, meditation, and journaling as a means to unearth songs from a deeper, interior place.”