MOTH Share Euphoric Single WASTE OF TIME

Brighton based 5 piece are blowing up in their local indie scene. With roots in hip-hop, reggae and psychedelia, these influences come together to form a uniquely eclectic alternative indie-rock outfit. As the Grandson of famous Scottish poet, folk-singer and story-teller Stanley Robertson, MOTH singer Joel is clearly in fine creative company. 

Waste Of Time is a euphoric single that follows its predecessor in fine fashion, with a Bastille-esk groove and vocal that soars its way through a hard hitting chorus.

MOTH discusses ‘Waste Of Time:

“Waste of Time is about someone not loving you back as much as you love them. You feel like you don’t know what’s wrong and you question whether or not being with this girl is a waste of time. I feel a lot of people can relate to this as I have been in this position before and I know others that have also”.