Moses Mikheyev has people dancing with his ‘Whatever You Want (Keeping the Neighbors Awake)’

"It’s a fun, upbeat song perfect for parties, dancing, and road-trips"
24 March 2023

Moses Mikheyev shares his first single Whatever You Want (Keeping the Neighbors Awake) off his upcoming album. It’s a fun track that will definitely keep you up. He describes the upbeat tune as a A rock pop song with post-grunge and hard rock influences”.

Moses Mikheyev is a singer-songwriter from LA, who likes to blend alternative rock, pop and folk styles together. His music is hard to categorize, ranging from indie, folk and pop to progressive rock, hard rock, cinematic rock and shoegaze .

With ‘Whatever You Want (Keeping the Neighbors Awake), Mikheyev stands out with a contagious pop-rock anthem that highlights his knack for feel-good sounds.

In his own words about the new single, Mikheyev shared, “It’s a fun, upbeat song perfect for parties, dancing, and road-trips. We wanted to write something that makes people dance, move, and just be happy.”

The new single from has dropped in anticipation of his upcoming debut album, I Only Have a Hundred Years to Love You, which will be out by fall 2023. The album has a bunch of analog gadgets, including some lo-fi and tape machines, all woven into its composition. Brandon Zano from Zaano and David Gavrishov are putting together the new album.

Photo by Daniel Kolomiyets