MoonC heats up the summer with ‘After Party’: A seductive shift in her sound

"I think the combination of sensuality with a touch of drama gives a different kind of power to the song and it helps build the image of the femme fatale that I so like"
5 July 2024

After Party finds MoonC trading in her introspective lyrics for a pure, unadulterated party vibe. A seismic shift from the introspective complexity of her debut EP, Vicious Circles, this new single reminds us that sometimes, it’s okay to let loose and live in the moment. Produced by Genio The Producer, After Party is set to become the anthem of the summer with its seductive Reggaetón beats and provocative lyrics, capturing the essence of a passionate late-night encounter.

Juntos en la party, yo bailando pa’ ti Tú te pones crazy, no me sueltes, papi Nos marchamos de allí, las 3 in the morning Esta noche estoy pa’ ti (Let’s get nasty) ///////”Together at the party, I dance on you, you go crazy, don’t let me go daddy, we’re leaving here, 3 in the morning tonight I’m on you (Let’s get nasty)“.

From her early days in performing arts to her professional training at TAI (Rey Juan Carlos University), MoonC has continually evolved her artistic persona, seamlessly blending acting, singing, and dance into her music career. A turning point arrived in 2021 when she teamed up with BLE Records. Her debut project Juegos Peligrosos and the subsequent Vicious Circles EP dropped, marking a power play that showcased her intoxicating blend of moody soundscapes and addictive beats infused with jazz and trap. Whether singing in Spanish or English, MoonC’s voice weaves a spell of brooding intensity, drawing us into a fractured landscape of longing, regret, and pulsing emotional turbulence. 

Collaborations with artists from far and wide have given her sound a fresh spin, and Spanish music fans are eating it up – online and on the radio. MoonC’s 2023 calendar filled up fast, with live shows at Madrid’s hottest spots, Cadavra and El Juglar, where her haunting soundscapes mesmerized crowds and forged an unbreakable bond with her fans. Looking ahead, MoonC is not only reimagining some of her previous songs in an upcoming acoustic EP but also diving into the creation of her first full-length album. 

As she embarks on her latest musical endeavour, expect a deeply vulnerable and refreshingly authentic exploration of the human experience – one that will leave you hanging on every note. MoonC shoots for the emotional jugular with each successive track, forging sounds that slash through the noise, speaking directly to the wild hearts that beat in her audience. MoonC’s After Party is an affirmation of her dynamic musical evolution, a siren’s call to surrender to the infectious energy of her craft.

I think the combination of sensuality with a touch of drama gives a different kind of power to the song and it helps build the image of the femme fatale that I so like. 

Your latest single, After Party, takes a different direction from your emotionally-charged debut EP, Vicious Circles. What inspired this shift in style?

As an artist, I want to explore different genres and continually grow and evolve, that’s why I’m always looking for new sounds, new inspirations, new stories… I want to showcase the different things I’m able to do.

After releasing my first EP, I knew it was time for a change. It marked the end of one chapter in my life and the beginning of a new musical journey. My goal with After Party is to keep surprising my listeners with a new perspective.

My music is deeply connected to my emotions and life experiences. However, not everything in life is dramatic, there are those light-hearted moments I also wish to capture in my songs to share the various layers I have as an artist and as a person. 

Can you describe the creative process behind “After Party,” particularly how the collaboration with Genio The Producer came about?

I had already collaborated with Genio on a few projects with other artists in the past. When the idea for After Party came to my mind and I began writing the music, I knew I wanted a reggaeton beat to match the sexy lyrics and give the song that powerful and sensual atmosphere. That’s when I decided I wanted Genio involved. He is a producer of Cuban origin, specialized in Latin music so I was sure he could bring the vibe I pictured for the song.

When I showed him the idea, he immediately added himself to the project, creating the beat.

How do you approach blending Spanish and English lyrics in your music? What impact do you hope this bilingual approach has on your listeners?

Since I wrote my first song, I’ve been mixing English and Spanish. I think that way of writing brings something original to my music. 

It also comes naturally to me because I use both languages in my daily life, so it feels right to incorporate that into my music too. For example, my manager is from Nigeria so we speak in English all the time at the studio, and Spanish is my mother language. 

I choose between English and Spanish depending on what I want to express, as I feel each language aligns better with the feeling I want to communicate, and sometimes it’s the use of Spanglish is even better! It gives this freedom when it comes to create.

In After Party, I sing entirely in Spanish because it fits the style of the song perfectly.

In my music, I give great importance to the lyrics and the story I’m telling, so I feel that singing in both Spanish and English gives my songs the chance to reach a bigger audience who identifies with them.

Your music often embraces dramatic and sensual qualities. How do you integrate these elements to craft a cohesive sound that connects deeply with your audience?

I like to create dark atmospheres in my music, there’s something captivating and alluring in those kind of sounds and lyrics, as they reflect hidden aspects of ourselves. 

I think the combination of sensuality with a touch of drama gives a different kind of power to the song and it helps build the image of the femme fatale that I so like. 

After Party, however, has something completely different, in this song I explore new sounds and moods and I completely focus on the sexy, hot and wild side.

Artists like Bad Gyal and Lana Del Rey have been influential for you. How have their styles shaped your own artistic vision and the way you approach music?

If you listen to their music, they’re completely opposite and have nothing to do with one another. Their background, styles, sound, topics and vocal qualities are very different. However, this is what I find interesting, what I want to do and explore with my music, the two sides. That’s why they’re both inspiring to me and I feel my music combines their distinct qualities somehow: Lana Del Rey’s deep, raw emotion and Bad Gyal’s savage, badass attitude. I think all that together brings a sense of empowerment to those who listen to my music.

Coming from a background in acting, singing, and dance, how has your training in performing arts influenced your approach to creating music today?

I think my training as an actor is totally reflected in my music. For me, it’s all about telling stories and creating a deep emotional connection with the audience. I wish to make them feel what I feel and for them to make of my songs their own stories. Whether I’m acting, dancing, or singing or writing music, my goal is to share my experiences and emotions. I pour everything I am into my art, picturing each song as if it were a movie.

What can fans anticipate from your upcoming acoustic EP? In what ways will it distinguish itself from your previous releases?

With the acoustic EP, listeners will discover yet another new side of me as an artist. For me it’s a way to keep on exploring diverse musical styles and also a personal challenge to show my versatility. Definitely, it’s gonna be different, but at the same time it’s important to me to bring back to life some of my previously released songs. 

I think the music industry works at a fast pace nowadays, it’s all about new releases every week that ‘cause your older tracks to be overlooked. I wanna give my my older songs a second chance while introducing something fresh and innovative.

You’ve performed at prestigious venues across Spain. Could you share a standout moment from your live performances thus far and explain why it was particularly memorable?

Every concert is special and unique, and it means a lot to me to live those moments with my team and the people who are there supporting you and enjoying your music. Sharing the stage with other artists that I admire is also incredibly rewarding. 

But I always remember my first live performance as one of the most special ones. Despite the nerves I was feeling, the connection with the audience that night was awesome, I could be myself on stage and gave all my energy. That first show was so intense and full of emotion. The love and support I received truly touched me and reaffirmed that I’m on the right path.

As a signed artist with BLE Records, how has this collaboration contributed to your artistic growth and development?

Being part of BLE has been shaped me as an artist. I think it’s really important to have a dedicated and supportive team helping you and working with you in your music career. My manager is one of the people who supports me the most and motivates me to keep growing, pushing me to go beyond the limits I thought I had. Thanks to that I have a clearer vision of my goals and identify as an artist. 

Looking ahead, what are your aspirations for your first full-length album? How do you envision it representing your evolution as an artist?

Creating a whole album is a new challenge for me, I see it as writing a book, it’s all about telling a story and making sure all the pieces connect. There’s a lot of overthinking and hard work involved because it’s gonna be my biggest project so far.

What I can say about it is that it’s gonna be piercing and emotional, and it’s gonna have a very powerful feminist energy, while exploring different emotions and moods in each song, such as jealousy, lust, betrayal, heartbreak and revenge.