MONTICOLUMBI Releases Blisfull Hip-Hop Track PRAISE

By JJ Disco

Hip Hop artist Monticolumbi has unveiled a new edition to his ever-growing discography of life-affirming feel-good tracks. Praise takes a fresh spin on his unique feel-good branch of music and is his most groovy to date. Despite only launching in 2020, Monticolumbi has rapidly grown in popularity.

“The inspiration for this tune actually just comes from blissful summers drinking  7-40-7’s in the sun, not having a care in the world. I just wanted to express the joy I felt at that time in my life and hopefully make people feel that happiness transfers into their own lives, even if only for the 4 minutes the song lasts”, explains Monticolumbi.

Although being involved in music from a young age, the 24 year old artist only became Monticolumbi after suffering from a serious heart condition that meant he could not write music. However, healthy again and back with a new positive outlook his seemingly effortless, blissful Hip-Hop has put Monticolumbi back at the forefront of his genre.