Monti Korbelle. Transforming electropop with ‘The Absolute State of the Absolute State’

Korbelle's approach to music is an avant-garde twist on pop, seamlessly blending influences from EDM and acid house to create a unique auditory experience
28 February 2024

San Antonio native Monti Korbelle has carved a niche for himself in the electronic music scene, now based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His music is undeniably deeply inspired by luminaries such as Tove Lo and James Blake, and merges a variety of sounds that strike a chord with audiences across multiple genres.

2023 marked a significant year for Korbelle with the release of Healing, Nothing More, an ambient album that paved the way for his latest venture, The Absolute State of the Absolute State. This new album signifies a creative resurgence, merging electronic dynamism with unprecedented energy, showcasing Korbelle’s prowess as both a songwriter and producer.

Recorded in Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh, the album culminates a year of diligent work, marking a departure from previous themes to explore more vibrant, energetic realms. Korbelle describes this project as a return to his pre-breakup creative energy, offering listeners a charged, introspective journey through pop, alternative, and electronic soundscapes.

Highlights from the album include Going In, a reflective nod to his ambient past, and Fervent Citizen, an anthem for self-assurance. Other tracks like Voices in My Head and Run So Far delve into personal challenges and perceptions, while Hideaway and Take You There explore deeper, more conceptual themes.

A fascinating anecdote from the album’s production is the dream-inspired “Into the Moon.” Korbelle, struck by the melody in his sleep, immediately translated this nocturnal inspiration into a tangible, concluding piece for the album, showcasing his intuitive musicality.

Korbelle’s approach to music is an avant-garde twist on pop, seamlessly blending influences from EDM and acid house to create a unique auditory experience. He sees his latest album as a “thrilling sonic odyssey,” a testament to his evolving artistry and innovative spirit.

Since starting his career in 2020, Korbelle has been on a relentless pursuit of artistic evolution. Each album release sees him exploring new dimensions of his distinctive sound, pushing the boundaries of dark pop and electropop. His dedication to reinvention and authenticity has made him a standout figure in the music community.

Monti Korbelle’s engagement extends beyond music production. He actively participates in local music-producer clubs and online forums, fostering a sense of community and collaborative creativity. His efforts in building a supportive creative environment reflect his commitment to the growth and evolution of the electronic music landscape.

The Absolute State of the Absolute State dives into the heart of a musician who refuses to be boxed into a single genre. Monti Korbelle keeps reinventing the meaning of an artist in the modern era, inviting listeners to join him in a music realm that transcends conventional boundaries.