Monica Bellucci Pregnant And Bellissima On Vanity Fair

Monica Bellucci graces the latest edition of Italy’s Vanity Fair with her gorgeous baby bump. The 45-year-old Matrix star is set to welcome her second daughter this spring.

Already mom to 5-year-old daughter Deva, Monica opens up about having a child in her mid 40s and her “beautiful and simple pregnancy.”
On waiting to have her second child: “They told me to have a second child just right after Deva, but I didn’t feel ready. And when I felt ready, I was hoping to have it quickly. But children are not movies that you can organize around a table with a director or a producer.”
On conceiving her children naturally: “I didn’t need [fertility treatments and surrogate mothers]. Who knows, maybe my grandma having a child at 47 has something to do with it. Its about luck. I know women ready to cross the desert on their knees to have a child. If I had problems [with conceiving], I’d be one of them.

On her husband Vincent Cassel: “Vincent is helping. The more time passes by, the more I love the man he has become. When I met him he was a 28-year-old boy, now he’s a man with a great sense of responsibility who makes me feel good. Deva needs him as she needs me. I always think that if something happens to me, Vincent is gonna be with our daughters. A woman can say ‘I’ll have kids on my own,’ and lots of women do it, but having a partner beside enriches both us and the children.”

On natural childbirth: “I’ll want to talk and scream in Italian when I deliver.”
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