Molly Meaker: uncovering the raw edge of mental health with debut single ‘Sertraline’

Bringing forth potent, unfiltered lyrics and captivating guitar and viola riffs, Sertraline transcends the realm of a mere song
15th December 2023

In a realm where emotional openness converges with unbridled musical authenticity, Molly Meaker stands out as a formidable presence. Her ​d​ebut release, Sertraline, boldly announces her arrival on the music scene, encapsulating the spirit of 90’s grunge rock while effortlessly fusing it with the edgier nuances of art-rock.

Bringing forth potent, unfiltered lyrics and captivating guitar and viola riffs, Sertraline transcends the realm of a mere song; it emerges as a battle cry against the challenges of mental health treatment. n Molly’s own words, it stands as “A war cry to anyone who’s been put on the wrong f***ing antidepressants.” Having been a “medicated youth” not too long ago, Molly draws from her brutally honest experience of being prescribed the wrong medication to address the mental health disorders many young people readily relate to.

Celebrating six months since concluding her treatment on antidepressants, Molly exclaims, “I’m now just raw-dogging life ’cause f*** sertraline!” The single marks a pivotal moment in Molly’s journey, using her artistry to shed light on the struggles of those navigating mental health treatments.

In tandem with the single release, Molly embarked on her highly anticipated ‘Medicated Youth’ UK tour, making stops in London (2 dates), Southampton (2 dates), Brighton, and Bath. Having debuted to a sold-out upstairs show at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club in July 2022 and more recently opening for Japanese Grammy award-winning band Chai at Heartbreakers in Southampton, Molly is set to captivate audiences across the UK.

Classically trained on viola, Molly’s musical journey began at London conservatoires Saturday schools from the age of 10. At 14, she picked up the guitar, eventually incorporating it into her songwriting. Forming her trio in April 2023, Molly takes on the bass while delivering her emotionally charged performances.

Mentored by Alex Kate of Pax Records and working with vocal coach Hannah Williams (Hannah Williams and the Affirmations) and producers Lou Sawdy and Neil Kennedy from Ranch Studios, Molly Meaker has honed her craft under the guidance of industry veterans. Her music has garnered praise from Julien Kindred, a Grammy award-winning producer, and other standout figures in the industry.

Sertraline is a daring declaration of raw emotion and unfiltered truth by Molly Meaker.​  As she takes the stage and shares her experiences, Molly invites listeners to join her on a journey through the highs and lows of mental health, all set to the captivating backdrop of grunge rock and edgy art-rock influences.

Ensure you don’t overlook the opportunity to dive into the unfiltered, unrestrained energy she delivers on stage—an impactful force destined to make a lasting impression on the music scene.