Mogli drops fifth single ‘Aftermath’ along with the 5th episode of her cinematic short film

"Observing ourselves, our strengths and weaknesses is an important step in healing.” 
3 March 2022

By Frank Bell

All around creative tour de force Mogli shares her enchanting fifth single ‘Aftermath’ off her highly anticipated forthcoming cinematic album ‘RAVAGE’. The single is accompanied by the 5th episode in her cinematic 10-part film. This episode finds Mogli and her male counterpart is captured by a local gang of people after just escaping the island.  

‘Aftermath’ is a breath-taking ballad that sees Mogli bare her soul, openly admitting to being “Afraid of my light now/Got no time for the darkness in me.” Mogli weaves soft and nuanced indie-folk-leaning music with cinematic production along with lyrics that are both personal and thoughtful. ‘Aftermath’ erupted in a bright glimmer of hope with the addition of lush yearning string arrangements and thumping organic drum grooves in the outro of the record. Her soft and vulnerable vocal delivery perfectly compliments the cinematic production on ‘Aftermath’ capturing the beauty behind her honesty and vulnerability.

Speaking on the new single, Mogli described that ‘Aftermath’ “is an inward movement. Through reflecting on which parts of me didn’t have enough space in my past life I’m reflecting on my personality in general. Observing ourselves, our strengths and weaknesses is an important step in healing.” 

The new single comes off her forthcoming album ‘RAVAGE’, which bookends a difficult time in the musician’s personal life. Opening up Mogli stated that “I broke out of a toxic relationship and moved to Berlin. Consequently, I was completely on my own trying to find out who I was while battling depression. I passionately dove into touring and working which inevitably led to burnout. Writing this album became my catharsis, I was able to face my fears. Being brave enough to make yourself vulnerable heals you and brings you happiness.

Photo by Giulia Delay

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