modernlove. unveils ‘Don’t Feel Myself’

"It's about going through bouts of disassociation, existential crisis and having a crisis of identity compounded with unhealthy lifestyle choices and coping mechanisms"
8 April 2024
Photo by Daniel Alexander Harris

Captivating Exploration of Existential Turmoil and Youthful Resilience

Nestled near Dublin, the charming town of Drogheda has given rise to a remarkable musical journey led by childhood friends. modernlove., featuring Barry Lally (vocalist and guitarist), Cian McCluskey (drummer), Daniel Rooney (bass), and Graham Fagan (guitarist), embodies the spirit of indie-pop anthems, channeling the nuances of small-town existence, youthful adventures, and the poignant tales of young romance.

After a successful 2023 global headline tour across the UK, Europe, and America, modernlove. are back with even greater enthusiasm, poised for another remarkable year. Kicking things off, they introduce their latest offering, Don’t Feel Myself, to eager fans.

Teaming up with longtime collaborator and producer Tom Leach, modernlove. delves into themes of existential crisis and coping mechanisms with raw authenticity. Through Don’t Feel Myself, the band navigates a tumultuous period of disassociation and identity crises, shedding light on the fleeting relief and perpetual torment of unhealthy coping mechanisms. The song serves as a poignant narrative of a wild night out, intertwined with moments of panic, derealization, and existential dread, ultimately confronting the cyclical nature of human suffering.

Reflecting on the song’s inspiration, modernlove. shares insights into their creative process and thematic exploration. A vividly clear depiction of euphoria and despair is beautifully captured by the interplay of lively drum and bass rhythms with haunting guitar melodies.

The band explain: ”Don’t Feel Myself is about going through bouts of disassociation, existential crisis and having a crisis of identity compounded with unhealthy lifestyle choices and coping mechanisms. It explores these themes through an analogous story of a ‘mad night out’ in which we drunkenly stumble through a number of different shady settings and wrestle with all kinds of troubles/situations from panic attacks and derealisation to bursts of mania that inevitably end up in us being consumed with existential dread the morning after.” 

Photo by Daniel Alexander Harris

They add: “Maybe it’s not so “analogous” if we’re being honest. The song recognises that these things we do to cope only give us fleeting moments of relief from what afflict us and end up feeding them in the end in a vicious cycle. They’re a temporary bandage on a much more permanent wound. Sonically, the song reflects this dynamic between the chaos and mania of a night out with heavy and rhythmic drum and bass, accompanied by dizzying guitar hooks that dance in circles in the chorus and the the verses which sober up and are much colder, more pensive and laden with a slow, sinking feeling.”

modernlove., inspired by bands like The 1975, Bloc Party, and The Cure, has quickly risen since their 2021 emergence. With hits like Follow You and 2 Missed Calls, they’ve gained acclaim and a global fanbase.

Having performed at renowned festivals like Latitude and Eurosonic, modernlove. is set for international acclaim. With upcoming shows across the UK and Europe, and supporting acts like Two Door Cinema Club, Don’t Feel Myself (released via Akira Records) previews their bright future.