MOD10’s Powerful New Track BLANK CANVAS

By JJ Disco

Dropped in late August, the latest release from Mod10, Blank Canvas, is a powerful new energetic anthem from the alt-rap duo. Boasting their signature rapid-fire flow throughout, these dynamic two-piece are exploring themes of self-discovery, social situations, and the larger mysteries of the human universe in their thrilling new release.

The duo explains: “It’s about making your inner vision come to life and the various paths that can lead you there. Prioritizing money, fame, health, happiness, friends, family, in one big balancing act… if I live what I’m dreaming, that means I sleep while I’m standing.”

Made up of the tremendously talented friends Matt Kohn on lyrics and vocals, and Sam Carlen on production, the resulting track is the riotous Blank Canvas. Having received a beyond warm reception to their previous releases, there seems to be nothing stopping them from soaring even higher.



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