MissinCat shares ‘Luna (With HUNDREDS)’

MissinCat’s ‘Luna (With HUNDREDS)’, works as the perfect introduction to Caterina Barbier aka MissinCat’s sonic world, made of sweetly dark vibes on complex and yet fetching electro-pop soundscapes…

Born in Milan and based in Berlin, Barbier has been writing and producing music for film scores with Producer Martin. MissinCat explains: “When I toured with Electro-Pop duo Hundreds, we used some of our down time to hold a creative session. Collaboration with good friends is a great release, because you’re in sync with each individual’s sets of strengths – in character, concept and performance. We thought it would be fun to join forces and see where we’d end up. Eva and I started the writing process and Philipp supported the vision with production. We were imagining a dialogue with the Moon that calls you towards the mysterious darkness which isn’t dangerous, it will rather embrace you and protect you.”

MissinCat’s ‘Forces’ EP is released on September 15th.


Photo by Christoph Voy

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