gemma-new12MISS Great Britain Gemma Garrett has revealed she has a secret ambition. The sexy star, who has a love of dance, wants to learn the art of burlesque. Recently Gemma was wowed by the flamboyant cabaret show performance of the saucy Miss Amber Rose at a charity event in Belfast.
gemma-new2Gemma, a former dance champ, said: “I have always loved dancing – ever since I was a young girl.
“I used to watch films like Flashdance, Dirty Dancing and Fame and wish it was me.
“Then when I was nine I started dance classes and eventually entered some competitions, I even came third in the all-Ireland latin dance championships when I was about 12.
“There is something sexy and powerful about dancing and burlesque takes it to a whole new level.
“I can combine the things I love – dancing, singing and performing. It’s something I really want to do.
“I’ve been to a couple of classes in London with some friends and it ends up a fantastic night out. There’s even an up-side to it because it helps us all stay fit and healthy.”
Despite the controversy surrounding burlesque Gemma believes it is something women who love to sing and dance should try at least once.
She added: “Some people have said that burlesque is objectifying women and that it’s degrading but I actually think it’s the opposite.
“It’s a powerful and sensual dance that is done for the women performing it, not necessarily the people watching.
“Many burlesque dancers have a lot of female fans and as a woman it’s a show I love to see.”