‘Mirame​’: Addessa’s soulful blend of multicultural melodies

"It is an expression of my personal experiences and emotions. It's raw and honest"​  
29 November 2023

Introducing Addessa, an enchanting artist whose musical odyssey is intricately shaped by her dual upbringing in Italy and Brussels. Infused with the vibrant threads of Latin traditional music, the rhythmic pulse of the ’80s, and the soulful harmonies of ’90s pop and R&B, Addessa radiates a captivating fusion of cultural depth and emotional sincerity.

Her latest single, Mirame, is a poignant ballad, showcases not only her vocal prowess but also her ability to convey a mix of love and sadness through a seamless production of bass, drums, and piano.

The genesis of Mirame reveals a collaborative effort between Addessa and her producer. What started as a melody quickly evolved into a lyrical exploration of loss and the complex emotions tied to it. The finished product is a sincere and unvarnished release that invites listeners into the depths of Addessa’s personal experiences and emotions.

​Addessa shared her thoughts on the track, stating, “It’s about loss, losing someone you love, whether in a romantic or platonic way. It is an expression of my personal experiences and emotions. It’s raw and honest.”​  Addessa’s fearless exploration of the intricacies of human experiences is showcased through her openness and willingness to expose vulnerability in Mirame.

Growing up surrounded by a musical mosaic, Addessa’s journey is a testament to the power of diverse influences shaping artistic expression. Her eclectic mix of Ecuadorian, Italian, and Brussels cultures serves as the foundation for her goal: to break down barriers through her music while creating a distinctive fusion that resonates with listeners.

Addessa’s promising sound ​of Mirame​ resonates not only with its melodic richness but also with its cultural depth. ​ For the latest updates on Addessa and to experience the fusion of her multicultural melodies, connect with her on social media and streaming platforms. 


Photo by Karim Bachiri Nasser