one peace daySo far, teams from 170 countries sign-up to One Day One Goal on 21 September. Millions of football fans from Iraq to India, Afghanistan to Australia and Uruguay to the United Kingdom will host friendly matches on Peace Day 2009.

Countries across the globe will kick-off the One Day One Goal event on September 21 – a Peace One Day initiative sponsored by puma.peace.
One Day One Goal – the campaign to get people across the world playing football together on Peace Day – is the brainchild of Peace One Day founder, documentary film maker Jeremy Gilley.

puma.peace is supplying a specially designed fairtrade football and cotton, made in Africa captain’s shirts to the first team from each country to sign-up to the event.

So far, teams in 170 countries have registered to play football for peace on the day.

Peace Day is the United Nations recognised International Day of Peace, a day of global ceasefire and non-violence on 21 September each year.

Gilley first had the idea of using football as a ‘global glue’ to bring the world together and tackle violence while visiting Somalia in 2000.

“I was on a Peace One Day expedition in a vast expanse of arid, parched desert landscape when we came across this group of kids carrying guns – but peacefully playing football,” says Gilley.

“They told me football brought them together, and the more I talked to them, the more I realised that football was a vehicle for peace.”

Gilley established Peace One Day 10 years ago and has been campaigning tirelessly ever since.

In 2001 he convinced all UN member states to pass a resolution establishing 21 September as Peace Day, and the event is growing in strength every year.

“Even in 1914, soldiers in the First World War played football in No Man’s Land,” says Gilley.

“The sport is such a powerful medium, which is why I approached PUMA last year and asked them to help us push the campaign across the world.”

More than 180 countries hosted One Day One Goal matches last year, with all 192 UN member states expected to take part in 2009.

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