Milky Chance return with surprise mixtape ‘Trip Tape’

By JJ Disco

German indie superstar duo Milky Chance are back this November with a surprise mixtape, ‘Trip Tape,’ via their own independent record label, Muggelig Records. The album consists of a diverse range of singles, commencing with the pre-released single “Colorado” (Currently 37 Million streams Globally). The bassy percussion and prominent synthesizers create a vibrant, otherworldly vibe, whilst a groovy guitar riff carries the song. As for the lyrics, they recount the way in which the lead singer goes about dealing with a failed relationship: by getting high. 

Progressing through the album, “Cold Summer Breeze” includes layers of powerful marching percussion that shift from prominent to subdued throughout the song, allowing for the tone to creatively deviate, whilst “Love Again” combines a funky guitar riff with a bass-heavy, vibrant drop to create an electropop bop.

Additionally, Milky Chance’s signature style remains prominent throughout the interspersed covers of the album as they implement their own musical flair over popular songs like Soft Cells “Tainted Love”, Dua Lipa’s “Levitate”, and The Weekend’s “Save your tears”. The album also includes a number of coveted demos for the duo that will ensure all types of fans are more than satisfied.

Photo by Anthony Molina


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