Mighty Oaks Top 5 Influences Playlist

Berlin based Mighty Oaks continue to captivate with their unique brand of alluring, emotive driven folk-pop evident in their new single All Things Go. Consisting of cross Atlantic band members, Ian Hooper (US), Claudio Donzelli (Italy) and Craig Saunders (UK), the band are now currently on tour with The Lumineers in Europe. Watch All Things Go now…

Mighty Oaks Top 5 Influences Playlist

1. Craig: Pearl Jam – Black

This song inspired me to learn guitar. A friend of mine had the book with the chords and I spent ages trying to get the intro right.

2. All: Elliot Smith – Son of Sam 

because it inspired the particular “double” sound of Ian’s voice in some of our new songs..

3. Claudio: Blur – Country House

Because it was one of the first CDs I listened to over and over again and my gate into the Brit-pop sound.

4. All: BON IVER – Skinny Love

This song was a good inspiration for us all when it came out. It had a unique sound and was something different at the time. It was also around the time that we’d become friends and had occasionally started playing music together. The song, and the album showed us how a homemade style lo-fi kind of music could still resonate if the emotion was there, which was very inspiring for us as songwriters starting out.

5. All: LED ZEPPELIN – When The Levee Breaks

Although this song may not have a direct influence on our music, it certainly had an influence on us as people, and on our first tours. We all discovered our mutual love of Zeppelin early on in our friendship, and when we started touring, we’d always play this song right before hitting the stage. The bluesy drive, raw energy plus Plant’s soaring vocals, washed down with a big glass of whiskey, was always the perfect way for us to get ready for our shows back on our early tours. 

By Mighty Oaks for FM