Midnight Prisms: Alicia Beck’s synth-infused trip of Love and Freedom

Her unique sound, a nod to the 1980s' lush synth melodies, combines diverse influences for a mix that's both nostalgically rich and modern
8 February 2024

As Midnight Prisms, Alicia Beck is enchanting the Los Angeles music community with her vibrant talents as a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and vinyl DJ.

Her distinctive sound pays tribute to the rich, synthesizer-dominant melodies of the 1980s, blending a broad array of influences from this hallmark period into a fusion that is both evocatively nostalgic and refreshingly contemporary.

New Age Disco, her upcoming EP, will provide an introspective look into topics such as love, personal development, and relationships, all through a spiritual lens.  Written across a timeline that spans the pre, during, and post-pandemic periods, the EP explores the notion of personal and collective transformation during challenging times. With its release anticipated in Spring 2024, New Age Disco is expected to deeply resonate with those on their own journeys of self-discovery and evolution.

The EP’s first single, Spin Me Again, introspectively examines the repetitive patterns of self-sabotage within romantic relationships. Beck envisions the song as a powerful declaration for women aiming to transcend the constraints imposed by a patriarchal society. Originating as a poem in 2019, Beck has nurtured and developed Spin Me Again over four years, culminating in its production with Max Foreman in 2023.

Spin Me Again transcends its musical boundaries, embodying a tale of empowerment and self-awareness. Beck’s process of transforming her poetic thoughts into a musical narrative underscores her profound storytelling and artistic capabilities. Utilizing mini keyboards and loop pedals, she weaves sonic realms that are simultaneously ethereal and deeply rooted in the raw emotions of her lyrics.

With New Age Disco, Midnight Prisms embarks on an emotive journey through the vicissitudes of love and existence, wrapped in the enchanting synth-pop fabric of the 1980s. Alicia Beck emerges as a forward-thinking artist, infusing her diverse musical influences into songs that navigate the intricate paths of the human experience, illuminating the darkness with her visionary artistry.