Midlight to headline FM curated #Blogtober Sunday 8th October | Honest, passionate, and thoughtful

Ahead to their exciting headline show in London – this Sunday 8th October – at FM curated (in collaboration with OML One More Lab) #Blogtober Festival night at the Finsbury (Free Tickets Here), the winners of #1MEUROPE Contest, Brighton based, highly promising quartet Midlight – George Ireland (vocals), Isaac Squires (guitar), Owen Beesley (drums) and Ollie John Turvey (bass) – we catch up with with the band’s front-man George Ireland…

Hello George! How are you today?

Great, thank you for asking!

So…what happened since I saw you in Rome at the huge concert at the Primo Maggio (when you were called Brother)?

Quite a lot for us! A few interviews like this, holidays, university – mostly we’ve been writing new songs, improving older ones and rehearsing with each other, it’s been a productive summer.

Why did you call your band MIDLIGHT?

We think we might have found a name that is unique to us in almost every way. In ways we can’t explain, it suits our ‘sound’ – but it is also a made up word, so ‘Midlight’ only means us and our songs.

Tell us about your headline show (with Jake Alder, Brioni, Saints Patience and Lucy May) at our (FM in collaboration with OML) night at #Blogtober Festival in London and why music aficionados should be there…

[George] I think first of all, we are very excited to be back on stage for the first time since Rome. We’ve been stuck in a room writing new songs all summer and so we are itching to play them without worrying about the neighbours. Hopefully, all the aficionados and ‘non – aficionados’ out there will enjoy the work we have put in. Every song was written with this particular audience in mind as we’ve been waiting for October to come around. I think live music is really more special and important than ever in the industry, sounds like the best way to spend a Sunday in the capital.

What is your usual songwriting process?

[George] We don’t intentionally have a process, and we often try to write in new ways – bouncing ideas off each other. Sometimes I might have the core of a song and then we get together and work everybody’s parts out and find out if it’s a ‘keeper’ or not, as it’s hard to tell before we get together and give it a go. Other times we could be working on a song for days, slaving over the hi hats, only for Ollie to play three notes on the bass in frustration and suddenly the other one is in the bin and we are off again. This doesn’t sound very professional I’ll admit, but it is the truth!

How do you sell MIDLIGHT to someone unfamiliar with your sound?

Honest, passionate, and thoughtful are my existential answers…alternative rock is my boring answer.

If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?

George; The Edge of U2
Isaac; Nicholas Jaar
Ollie; Beethoven
Owen; Donald Fagen of Steely Dan

What does the rest of 2017 hold for the band?

We will be recording a few songs before Christmas at some point! And will also be doing a sort of ‘bedroom tour’ around Cambridge, London, Bristol, and Manchester – which will be a fun experiment, before ending up back in Brighton to play a big home town show.


By Fabrizio Belluschi ©FM
Photography by Dan Hasson