Indie-pop and folk singer-songwriter Michael Lukes is beaming with light during a time in which our world is shrouded in a lot of darkness. His new music video for the song Stars, taken from his dynamic EP I AM, provides a visual representation of diversity, unity and the beautiful spectrum of human emotions. Directed by Angelice B. Ganti, the video was created with 18 interpreters from multiple countries and shot in 2 cities, representing people from all walks of life. 

Discussing the video, Lukes explains: “Already at the beginning of the video this theme can be felt, with the words ‘We are the Universe, we are all equal, we are one, we are all stars’. Then I also thought about the period we went through in these difficult and surreal months linked to the pandemic. What did we understand? Besides making us reflect on the important aspects of life, this event cancelled out, if ever there were any, the differences between people. We all found ourselves on the same level and the video wants to go in this direction: we are the same, we have always been, we will continue to be.”

Michael Lukes’ debut EP I AM was released in May 2019, including the introspective track Stars. The record was inspired by his multicultural background, having grown up between Rome and London, finding influences in the UK music scene especially. I AM gained airplay from BBC6 and BBC Introducing, indicating the start of a promising career for this luminary artist.