MICHAEL GRAFF Drops Electronic-Pop Track LET YOU GO

By Frank Bell

US artist Michael Graff brings home a real sense of modernized realism when he comes to his craft and how he approaches music. Taking an approach which many couldn’t from a young age, learning all the aspects of how different instruments work and the sounds they create, Michael Graff has created a sound that is personified and enhanced to the everyday listeners. Let You Go is a further exploration of his work.

It’s a song that builds, ebbs, and flows with a fun yet heartfelt pulling of the strings from Michael. The ability he effortlessly possesses to move between the genres of pop, EDM and electronica is a true testament to his overall craft and dedication. He spans on influences ranging from The 1975 and LAUV, and has truly provided an escape from the known and delved in to the realms of an anything is possible attitude from this admired American.