Michael Crean brings out a collection of songs and poems which is his first EP ‘Songs to the Sea’

"it's also about someone who grew up by the sea and imagines a dream-like apocalypse...And I’ve never lived anywhere near the sea.”
3 February 2023

London-born artist Michael Crean has just released his first EP, Songs to the Sea, a collection of songs by someone who, funnily enough, has never actually lived by the sea. Some of these songs are more like spoken word poems, with powerful belting instruments at their core, the strings and percussion coming together to convey some of the feelings and emotions that words alone cannot adequately describe.

With Water, the EP opens with verses of soft-spoken poetry that lead into the next track, Drift, a fast-paced train of thought that hurls the listener toward the center of the EP, where we are met with the soft, tender notes of Just For Now. A powerfully immersive track, Just for Now gradually swells to a crescendo, both musically and emotionally, and we the listener are consumed by the song’s atmosphere of heart-lifting strings and piano, as Michael performs some of the most powerful and impressive vocals of the entire record. His voice is filled with such a compelling, genuine aching sorrow that is hard not to feel moved by it.

Speaking about the EP and the meaning behind his writing, Michael shared with us, “It’s completely fictional. But it’s also the truth, and feels very honest and scary. I mean, that’s probably true of most art, but it feels very present with this,” he explained. ”It’s a collection of songs and poems that I wrote to understand moments in my life that I couldn’t quite get my head around any other way. But it’s also about someone who grew up by the sea and imagines a dream-like apocalypse…And I’ve never lived anywhere near the sea.” 

Songs to the Sea is the result of 6 years of work Michael has put in, while working on other musical projects, like producing for other artists and writing music for theatre and film. Finally, Michael found the time to complete his EP thanks to the pandemic, and now he is ready to share it with the world. Check out Songs of the Sea on streaming platforms, and keep up with Michael on his socials.