‘Meteor City’ Band 12 LIMBS Premiere EMBRACE Video

12 Limbs are the Russian indie-rock band from the ‘meteor city’ - now exporting their sound to UK shores.
5 August 2021

By Frank Bell

12 Limbs unleashes the aptly strong video forone of their strongest tracks to date. The rockers from Russia premiere the visual for Embrace, a meaningful 80s-infused gem, that commands full attention from the start.

An Orwellian message to us where the life of society confines, stifles our freedom, ebbing away at our true personalities inside. 

12 Limbs, is three incredibly talented singer/songwriter/musicians, from the meteor city of Chelyabinsk (the city made famous when it hit the headlines in 2015 as it was hit by a 20m asteroid), have been growing a solid global sound-bed of support since their debut release in 2019.