MESSY Unveils New Track LONELY

By Moni B

Exploring the dynamics of love and relationships Lonely is the newest offering from LA native Messy. 

Gleaming synths, groove etched guitar lines and rolling drum patterns are the driving forces in creating a rich soundscape. The captivating melody insists on the listener moving their feet and becoming immersed in the music, as Messy’s distinct vocals float above the instrumentation. The song’s lyrics tell a tale of early love and the desire to go full throttle – “it’s a song about a person you could see meaning everything to you, and not wanting to let the flame burn out too quickly”.

Commenting on the overall meaning behind the track he explains, “On the other hand, sometimes we meet people where we have to look past too many things that feel wrong but stay just not to be lonely. This track is the reconciliation between those two opposing thoughts, and trying to find out which person they are to you.”

Originally writing and creating music as an emotional outlet, Messy has spent time honing his craft and possesses the ability to relay a strong narrative through clean cut production and textured vocals. A common theme in his music is his own intrinsic battle that he faces with balancing life as a successful musician as well as a father and family man. 

As an artist he has all the tenacity and devotion to become one of the biggest names in music, tune in.