Merseyside Artist DR ORANGE Shares CHINATOWN

It’s a powerful, Psych-Leaning New Single

By Frank Bell

Liverpudlian songwriter Dr Orange returns with some of his most affecting and intriguing work to date in Chinatown, a biting piece of British indie rock with leftfield nuances and plenty of character. 

Produced alongside Merseyside producer Jon Withnall (Coldplay, Rhianna, The Coral). 

The new single showcases the full skillset of a one-man alt-rock tour de force. Adequately supplying the sound of a full strength indie band as a solo artist, Dr Orange is showcasing his ability to craft a potent indie anthem that cements him as a rising star for 2021. 

Dr Orange explains: “Chinatown is definitely the grooviest single I’ve put out so far. Lyrically it’s about my own frustrations and that of some characters I was empathising with on the tele at the time. Musically I see it as a chilled song that stayed at the bar a bit too long, had one too many measures of funk and ended up in a bit of a heavy state.