New York duo MEMBA has kicked off the year in a huge well as they signed to Foreign Family Collective. Since then they’ve continued to make waves with their well thought-out and put-together sound. Their recent works include a remix of ODESZA’s Corners Of The Earth featuring RYX and the two single off of their upcoming Saga-II EP, Schools Out & Walls Down.

MEMBA is a duo incorporating tailor-made instruments and ancient world rhythms into their approach to electronic music. Their latest release continues to build on this with its dynamic electronic melodies, murmured vocals and progressively developing drum rhythms. 

Discussing the track, MEMBA say: “The song is about the inevitable end we all face, and how this can be a motivator to live better now, rather than something to fear.”

If you’re already a fan of MEMBA you’ll know the deal, but if you’re new to this rising duo make sure you take a listen above. 

By Holly Frith