MEMBA Are Sublime With Their SAGA-II EP

Dynamic and culture-driven, the New York-based production duo MEMBA combine both a visual and audio experience on their highly anticipated SAGA-II EP showcasing the depth of their talents in this 7-track EP, combined with an official film visual.

The Foreign Family Collective duo takes a deeper dive into their darker sounds, exploring uncharted territory with a collection of tracks that showcases their unconventional approach to breaking through today’s electronic music landscape.

Opening with the striking 1 More Mile, MEMBA sets the tone with remarkable rhythmical intensity, leading neatly into the explorative Walls Down ft. Evan Giia. Boundless keeps the energy levels high with its darting instrumentals, before Schools Out drops, which comes alongside a raw video that explores what childhood represents in 2019  for the pair.

‘SAGA-II’ explores how music and the 5 senses can stretch the inventive energy of the human thoughts. As Will and Ishaan reflected on the EP, they stated, “We really feel that the most effective way to practical experience this location is to not only hear it, but also see it.”

Out now on ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective, this EP showcases the impressive way MEMBA use a wide variety of audio and vocal mixing approaches to produce intense emotion.

Give this one a full listen and make sure you immerse yourself in the EP’s film visual as well.

By Holly Frith