Meghan Pulles shares indie folk single ‘Rabbit Hole’

A bittersweet song that tells a disheartening story in a way that's both cathartic and beautiful.
18 August 2022

By Elle B

Rabbit Hole is a charming indie pop song from Meghan Pulles, a singer-songwriter based in NYC, who describes her writing style as ‘’emo-positive’’. The classic story of Alice In Wonderland serves as a metaphor for Meghan’s experience of being led down the wrong path, or ‘’down the rabbit hole’’. In this case, it would appear that Wonderland is not so wonderful after all.

Meghan describes the meaning of the song in her own words,

Rabbit Hole is a song about following someone down a negative path for you to your own detriment, and the feeling of what happens when you change yourself too much for someone or something. We have all been in this situation, and I hope this song can be relatable to those of us who have fallen down the various “Rabbit Holes” in our lives.

Despite the song’s somewhat heavy subject matter, Meghan’s resonant voice lends it a light, whimsical air. The track opens with a few sweet-sounding strums of a ukelele, which is then layered with Meghan’s melodic voice that rings clear as a bell. Once the beat kicks in, and the harmonies are added, the song takes flight, and the song’s true message hits home. With her intricate lyricism, Meghan so beautifully captures the feeling of being lured down the rabbit hole by someone you may have trusted, and being left with a sense of losing yourself along the way.

All in all, Rabbit Hole is a bittersweet song that tells a disheartening story in a way that’s both cathartic and beautiful. Meghan describes her music as medicine, and her ability to create music to help heal herself, as well as her listeners, is something to be admired.

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